Technical Features

Technical Features HARDWARE:
  • Color Camera CCD 3.5 millions pixels
  • ARM 8 processor
  • Visible Lightning LED in 6 separately managed zone
  • Memory MiniSD 8 Gb
  • 4 USB port
  • Power supply 5V, 1,5 A
  • Capacitive 3.5″ Color Touch
  • Keyboard wireless (option) or usb (standard)
  • Dymo 450 printer (option)
  • Barcode reader (option)
  • Test holder independent of the reader
Technical Features SOFTWARE:
  • Integrated full traceability solution including barcode of labels
  • 3 different working modes: The read-now mode, the walk-away mode and a kinetic reading mode (with positivity detection in less than 3 minutes)
  • Automated calibration using grey card
  • Automated Upgrade trough SD
  • Up to 8.000 full records (result, picture and image interpretation graph/test)
  • Data transmission to PC or WEBSERVER for statistics and traceability purposes via SDcard, USB, Wifi or Bluetooth
  • Modules: routine Lab, production Lab, QC Lab